Interested in learning more about a relationship with Jesus, growing in your faith, understanding the Bible better or learning about a specific topic?

Check out our growth courses below!


1. Basics of Faith

  • Membership Class - This foundations class is offered twice a year, with two sessions each after church. During this time, we focus on our individual identity as a believer and our identity within the body of Christ.
  • Starting Point - A formative class, Starting Point is offered in the spring and is ideally for people who want to start a conversation about faith, are new believers or those who want to get back to the basics.

2. Practical Living

  • Dave Ramsey - This 10-week financial course is held once a year, meeting on weeknights and offers practical help on how to get out of debt, save, invest and more. 
  • Parenting Day - Win Win Parenting is a one-day workshop held once a year. Teaching our kids, young and old, how to control themselves, rather than trying to control them ourselves, is a lifechanging way to parent. 
  • Marriage Retreat - Learn to communicate better, love each other well, deal with conflict and use your relationship as a strength in your life.
  • Health/Fitness - How you feel about life is directly related to how you take care of your whole self, including your body. 

3. Empowered Spiritually

  • The Holy Spirit - Join us for a 10-night worship and prayer experience offered before Pentecost each year. Find out about the purpose and ministry of the Holy Spirit as we gather during this special time each year.
  • Spiritual Gifts Course - This 4-week course on the Spiritual Gifts offered on Sundays after Pentecost. 

4. Growing in Wisdom

  • Navigators Course - Navigators offer 11-week courses, rotating annually, with topics like Growing Strong, Deepening Our Roots and Bearing Fruit. 
  • Week of Prayer - Five nights of teaching and focus on prayer is offered in the fall each year.